Press Release

German Animation Co-Productions Gain in International Importance

26 September 2019 – Animation Germany hosted an event focusing on German-European co-productions at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, the largest European pitching market for animation series. Animation from Germany is the most successful export product of the German film industry and is increasingly being coproduced with European partners.

The event entitled "EU CO-PRODUCTIONS FOR SERIES - PRODUCER'S HEAVEN OR HELL?", was attended by more than fifty producers, investors and TV executives from Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In his keynote speech, Philippe Alessandri, President of Animation in Europe, reported on the ongoing discussions with the European Commission about the revision of the European guidelines for the funding of European coproductions. The emphasis here will now be on attaching significantly more importance to the cooperation of producers in terms of content and the joint financing of a project with national broadcasters and platforms within the Creative Europe support programme.

Three German-European co-productions currently at the financing or production stage were presented in the subsequent panel: SIR MOUSE (minority German co-production by Scopas AG with Fabrique Fantastique from Belgium), IN THE LABYRINTH OF LIES (majority German co-production by MotionWorks with Melusine Productions from Luxembourg), and PETRONELLA APPLEWITCH (Akkordfilm with 2 Minutes from France).

Akkord Film's managing director Dirk Beinhold - the panel's host - stressed the development of long-term relationships between partners as being crucial to success and emphasised that the digital production of animation projects now makes it possible to have a very flexible division of the production process between several countries. This is the way that both improvements can be made to scripts and internationally more competitive production budgets established.

In total, six German projects were presented at the Cartoon Forum and very well received by the international professionals, arousing substantial interest from potential European co-production partners. (Projects, see the Animation Germany website: German Animation and VFX)

ANIMATION GERMANY is the information and marketing organisation of the German animation and VFX production industry abroad. Companies and the strengths of the sector in Germany should have an active representation in the international business environment and an attractive platform for supporting economic development. The goal of the industry is to facilitate more coproductions and service contracts for animation and VFX with international partners and to attract contracts to Germany. High-budget animated films and series that are also being to meet the growing demand from the streaming platforms should be produced with German participation - Animation Germany is the industry's partner on this path!

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