Press Release

German animation is a hit abroad!

6th of Febuary 2019 - The figures published by German Films Marketing + Service GmbH on the success of German films abroad in 2018 are impressive proof of animation films' great importance forthe German film industry with a share of over 50% of the total box office.

The analysis shows that the 406 feature films –both animation and live-action –generated revenues of over 154 million Euros in 75 territories, reaching more than 26.5 million cinema-goers. The commercially most successful genre was the animation film with a 54% share of the total box office (83.2 million Euros) which was generated in 73 territories by 30 German or German co-produced films.

If one looks at the most popular Germanmajority-produced films, the first four are animation films, namely MAYA THE BEE –THE HONEY GAMES, THE LITTLE VAMPIRE, and RICHARD THE STORK which together amassed a total of 3.97 million cinema-goers. THE SEVENTH DWARF made it into the Top 5 thanks to its release in China.

Jan Bonath, board member of the animation section at the German Producers Alliance and CEO of Scopas Medien AG, comments: „The figures are impressive and show that German animation films are also highly attractivein the internationalmarket: they reach 50% of the audiences there with a share of just 7% of the German feature film output. It would be both desirable and useful with such a business model whose international share is becoming increasingly important if one was to react to this result by introducing a structural support in the form of a special funding programme for animation and VFX in order to fosterthe competitiveness in the face of rising budgets and more costly project development.“

Animation Germany UG was founded in 2017 to highlightthis important fact for both the German animation and VFX industries and to make the companies particularly more visible abroad for international business partners. Tania Reichert-Facilides, Managing Director of Animation Germany, is pleasedwith the results: „These figures clearly illustrate why Animation Germany was established by the industry. Our intention is to support German animation and VFX producers and service-providers abroad in this international component of their business partnerships.“